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Phones in Tanzania
Until 1999, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda shared a telephone numbering plan, in which subscribers were only required to dial the trunk code, area code and number. In that year, Tanzania adopted a new numbering plan, although calls to Kenya and Uganda only required a regional prefix rather than international dialling. To call Kenya from Tanzania, subscribers dial 005 instead of +254, while to call Uganda, they dial 006 rather instead of +256. To call Tanzania from Kenya and Uganda, subscribers dial 007 instead of +255.
Country Code: +255
International Call Prefix: 000

Geographic area codes
Geographic codes are in the range 20 to 29:

 20 [reserved for future geographic numbers]
 21 [reserved for future geographic numbers]
 22 Dar Es Salaam [local numbers became 6 digit from 5 digit on 1996-03-16;
 was 51 until 2000-07-01].
 23 Coast region [was 52]
 23 Kibaha, Kisarawe area [was 522]
 23 Lindi [was 525]
 23 Morogoro [was 56]
 23 Mtwara [was 59]
 23 Pwani [was 52]
 24 Zanzibar (Unguja & Pemba, including Chake Chake, Mkoani, Wete)
 [was 54]
 25 Mbeya, Rukwa, Ruvuma [was 65]
 26 Dodoma [was 61]
 26 Iringa [was 61, previously 64]
 26 Nzega area [was 626]
 26 Singida [was 606]
 26 Tabora [was 62]
 27 Arusha [was 57]
 27 Kilimanjaro [was 57]
 27 Kilimanjaro Airport [was 575]
 27 Moshi [was 55]
 27 Tanga [was 53]
 28 Bukoba, Kagera [was 66]
 28 Kigoma [was 695]
 28 Mara, Mwanza [was 68]
 28 Shinyanga [was 68, previously 671]
 29 [reserved for future geographic numbers]
Mobile telephone numbers
Mobile numbers start with 7:

 7 wireless, "Find Me" numbers - as of 1999-10-31; was 8.
 741 cellular mobile Mobitel [formerly 811, as of 2000-10-31].
 742 cellular mobile Tritel [formerly 812, as of 2000-10-31].
 743 cellular mobile Cellnet [new for year 2000].
 744 cellular mobile Vodacom [new for year 2000].
 747 cellular mobile Zantel [keeps existing code in year 2000 changes].
 761 cellular mobile Adesemi [formerly 821, as of 2000-10-31].
Special and premium rate numbers
 8 special services as of 2001-10-31.
 9 premium rate/multimedia as of 2001-10-31.
Short codes
112 replaced 999 for emergency calls as of 2000-10-31.
  • 118 replaced 991 for directory enquiries as of 2000-10-31.
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    TCRA Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority
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