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Country code: +249 To call Sudan
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International prefix: 011 is the International Direct Dialing code
Phone number format : xxx xxxx Calls within an area code
+249 yyy xxx xxxx Calls inside an area code in Sudan
List of area codes in Sudan
Area/City - Area Code
Atbara 21
Elobeid 81
Jedaraf 441
Kassala 41
Khartoum 183
Kosti 71
Modurman 11
Port Sudan 31
Sennar 61
Shetnzi 616
Wadmedai 51

Sudani, Zain Sudan, MTN Sudan, Canar Telecom, Sudatel, NTC,


Company : Sudani
Website :  Sudani

Phone : (+249) 12 012 0120
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Zain Sudan

Company : Zain Sudan
Website :  Zain Sudan

Phone : (+249) 91 230 0000
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MTN Sudan

Company : MTN Sudan
Website :  MTN Sudan

Phone : (+249) 92 111 1111
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Canar Telecom

Company : Canar Telecom
Website :  Canar Telecom

Phone : (+249) 15 151 5151
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Company : Sudatel
Website :  Sudatel

Phone : (+249) 183797400
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Company : NTC
Website :

Phone : (+249) 187 171144 / +249 183 223 771
National Telecommunications Corporation (NTC)

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Sudan : Al Wusta, Al Istiwaiyah, Al Khartum, Ash Shamaliyah, Ash Sharqiyah, Bahr al Ghazal, Darfur, Kurdufan, Upper Nile, Al Wahadah State, Central Equatoria State, Southern Darfur, Southern Kordofan, Kassala, River Nile, Northern Darfur
Map of Sudan - (SD) Population : 43849269
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