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Country code : +250 -
International prefix: - 00 -
RURA - Regulatory Agency for Public Utility Services of Rwanda
The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency introduced a new telephone numbering plan in February 2009. To call in Rwanda, the following format is now used:

250 5XX XXX Land-line Calls (formerly 5XX XXX)
  • 255 5XX XXX Land-line Calls (formerly 5XX XXX)
  • 783 XXX XXX Mobile Calls (formerly 03 XXX XXX)
  • 788 XXX XXX Mobile Calls (formerly 08 XXX XXX)
  • 75X XXX XXX Mobile Calls (CDMA)
  • List of area codes in Rwanda - city codes
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    MTN Rwanda, Airtel Rwanda, Tigo Rwanda, KTRN - KTRN,

    MTN Rwanda

    Company : MTN Rwanda
    Website :

    Phone : 100 / +250 788 190 000

    Airtel Rwanda

    Company : Airtel Rwanda
    Website :

    Phone : 0730 000 123 / +250 730 000 123

    Tigo Rwanda

    Company : Tigo Rwanda
    Website :

    Phone : 111 / +250 786 000 111


    Company : KTRN - KTRN
    Website :

    Phone : (+250) 788 181 818

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    Rwanda : Butare, Gitarama, Kibungo, Kigali, Est, Kigali, Nord, Ouest, Sud
    Map of Rwanda - (RW) Population : 12952209
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